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10 Steps to a Better Heart Health

28 Feb 2023 2 mins read

Change is really important to prevent the risk of heart disease and condition. A leap in cholesterol or blood pressure will earn you lectures on healthy lifestyle. Often stroke and heart attack survivors talk about altering the lifestyle and habits.

There are many people who manage their unhealthy habits, diet and exercise patterns easily. Not all succeed although and many fail to follow the regimen. So instead of making a great change, improve the heart’s health with small steps. Once you begin, it is not hard at all to maintain.

Here are 10 steps for improving heart health:

  1. Go for 10-minute walk daily

In case, you can’t get time for workout then brief walking for about 10 minutes every day can help you a lot. It acts equal to your exercise.

  1. Give a lift

Lift 2-pound weight or hardcover book a couple of time per day for toning the arm muscles. With smoothness, you can switch to heavy items or join the gym for weight-lifting.

  1. Have a vegetable or fruit of your choice every day

Vegetables and fruits are quite affordable than medical treatment for heart. These taste amazing and good for your overall body starting from bowel to brain.

  1. Make breakfast wholesome

Make sure you have wholesome breakfast that serves whole grains and fruits. You can try whole-wheat toast, bran flakes and oatmeal.

  1. Don’t drink the calories

Abstain from calorie-laden latte or sugar-sweetened soda which will count up to 100 calories per day. In a year, you can lose 10 pounds of weight.  

  1. Get fist of nuts

Nuts like peanuts, almonds and walnuts are really good for heart. Instead of grabbing some cookies or chips for snack you should add them in salads for tasty and healthy crunch. You can also use them in certain dishes of your choices over chunks of meats.

  1. Try seafood

Rather than red meat, try out seafood and fish of your choice. It will promote waistline, brain and heart health.  

  1. Take deep breathe

Take deep and slow breathe for a couple of minutes every day. This will make you feel relaxed and deep and slow breathing will lower down blood pressure.

  1. Wash the hands frequently

Scrubbing the hands using soap and water or handwash is excellent way for protecting your heart along overall health. Although common but pneumonia, flu and any other infections can leave adverse impact on heart health.

  1. Count the blessing

Spare some time to seek blessings in the life and acknowledge it. It will strike your positive emotions which in turn, will promote greater well-being, longer life and better health. And opposites can lead to hostility, worry and chronic anger that will increase your blood pressure level and risk of heart disease too.

Don’t linger anymore! Start making your heart health better today by following the above-mentioned 10 steps.