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Get Kidney Stones? These 9 Home Remedies Can Help You to Remove It

03 Mar 2023 5 mins read

Kidney stone refers to calcified deposition in kidneys which passes through the urinary tract and excretes from your body. On the basis of the stones’ size, excreting the kidney stone is very painful. Fortunately, you can dissolve the kidney stones by adopting some effective home remedies and following the advice from top nephrologist.

What are the causes of kidney stones?

You can develop kidney stones because of a number of aspects including accumulation of toxins and waste in kidneys, urinary tract infections, excessive acidic urine, dehydration and lots more.

The symptoms of kidney stone comprise of abdominal, lower back or urinary tract pain which will give excruciating, mild and sharp feeling. There are several people who experience nausea or severe vomiting and get profuse sweating, chills and frequent urination.

The symptoms you will get rely on the stones’ sizes, the degree of pain and the discomfort which is why you should see a nephrologist or urologist. With early diagnosis, you can easily cure kidney stones.

But, if you leave it untreated for long then it will enlarge and aggravates pain. Although home remedies can provide relief to some extent yet it is better to consult with the doctor for avoiding medical complexities and severe pain.   

9 home remedies for dissolving kidney stones naturally

  1. Have lots of fluids

Having 6-8 glasses of water is highly beneficial to flush out the dissolved kidney stones on its own. Besides water, fresh fruit juices you prepare at home like lemonades or pomegranate juice and soups are equally important. These are all reliable to benefit in kidney stone management.

Apart from flushing out the stones, it prevents them from getting enlarged too. But remember to avoid the processed juices as it heightens the risk of kidney stones because of high content of added sugars in it.

  1. Sip on basil tea

This tea is a great source of the acetic acid! This component is really helpful in alleviating the pain because of kidney stones. It is also efficient to dissolve small kidney stones easily. It is like single-shot remedy to improve the healthy functional ability of the kidneys.

Basil tea extracts excessive uric acid for maintaining the level in kidney to dissolve and prevent small stones. Apart from this, it possesses anti-lithiasis properties for prevention against the stone formation and shrinking and breaking the existing stone sizes as well.

  1. Take apple cider vinegar

This is quite efficient to prevent oxidative stress on kidneys by increasing the antioxidant level in body. It helps in preventing kidney diseases by reducing blood pressure and balancing blood sugar levels in the body. It also contains citric acid that will dissolve the kidney stones. Daily or frequent intake of apple cider vinegar flushes out the toxins from kidneys too.

  1. Maintain healthy body weight

You must know that excessive gain of weight and obesity heightens the risk of getting kidney stones. Also, the risk of kidney stones is quite times higher in females than males. Obesity often accompanies to compensatory hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance and metabolic derangements which will result in calcium-rich kidney stones.

So, to avoid the weight-related problem, you need to include physical activity for minimum 5 days a week and have lean protein and low carbohydrate diet that aids in weight loss, dissolving and preventing kidney stones.

  1. Have calcium-rich diet

Most kidney stones comprise of calcium oxalate. The biggest misconception of all time is having excessive calcium-rich diet results in kidney stones. But the studies reveal that including oxalate-rich foods in meals like yogurt, cheese and milk will reduce the risk of kidney stone development. However, make sure that your daily calcium intake is 1000-1200 mg every day. Additionally, avoid intake of shellfishes and red meat as they are highly purine and promote to development of kidney stones.   

  1. Consume wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass juice contains certain compounds which promote urine production enabling the stones to flush out easily. Even, it is rich in antioxidants that will excrete the calcium deposits in urinary tract. Rather than consuming pills, speak to the doctor and start taking wheatgrass juice for prevention against kidney stones.

  1. Drink celery root juice

Celery root juice is helpful for clearing the toxins from the body which can develop kidney stones. This acts as traditional medication which flushes out kidney stones from your body. But, it strongly interferes with several medications like alprazolam and levothyroxine. So, take the advice of the doctor prior to take celery root juice daily.     

  1. Intake kidney bean broth

Broth of kidney beans is the most traditional way for removal of kidney stones from patients in India. It is a traditional recipe that proves to improve kidney and overall urinary health.

Even it can dissolve and flush out kidney stones from the body.  Just strain out the broth or liquid from the freshly prepared kidney beans and drink a couple of glasses all over the day. In case, there is any issue of nausea or bloating then; stop having it.

  1. Enjoy dandelion root juice

This juice lessens the deposition of crystal in urinary tract. In case, you cannot gulp it directly then try out dandelion tea for similar benefits. It helps in minimizing the chance of kidney stones development by flushing it and let it functions at optimum levels.


In case you have kidney stones or have family history with kidney stones then the above-mentioned home remedies can help you. These are known for flushing or dissolving the kidney stones.

However, if you experience any pain indicating kidney stone then consult with the doctor without any delay. In such times, home remedies will not be able to relief and deteriorate the condition more resulting in further complexities and excruciating pain deeming for urgent hospitalization. So, you need to consult with the nephrologist for immediate actions and diminish the risk of developing kidney stones.