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Have Diabetes? Bust Out These 5 Myths about It

27 Mar 2023 3 mins read

Although diabetes is the most common health condition in India, several misconceptions and myths are there plaguing it arising several confusion amongst the patients. Although suffice information is there about diabetes available online and offline yet not all of them are true. So, you need to stay aware of the condition for its prevention.

This blog will let you bust top 5 myths about diabetes. Check out those from below.

  1. Don’t have sweets so you don’t get diabetes

Diabetes takes place not only because of consuming sugary items and sweets. Remember, the food we consume on a daily basis turns into a sugar form called glucose. Insulin, the hormone secretes by the pancreas enable the cells to make use of the glucose for generation of energy and function of the body.

You will get diabetes when the body fails to secrete enough insulin that results in excessive glucose level in blood. Diabetes is quite complex that takes place because of multiple underlying aspects such as family history, lack of exercise and obesity.

High intake of sugar never causes diabetes, it results in obesity that key factor to get diabetes. Hence, if you have sweet tooth or craving for sweets then diabetes will develop for sure.

  1. Diabetes is a simple disease, it goes away naturally

Once you develop it, diabetes will remain with you for the rest of life. For type 1 diabetes, the pancreas doesn’t make insulin further. That’s why you need to have synthetic insulin. On another hand, in type 2 diabetes the patients always have high blood sugar level as normal because the cells become insulin-resistance.

But, you can monitor the level of glucose in blood in type 2 diabetes effectively by having healthy and fibrous food, daily exercising and practising healthy lifestyle habits.

  1. Avoid chapatti and rice as it increases diabetes

If you are diabetic then well-balanced diet is what you need the most. Make sure the diet is full of fruits, veggies along with fish, low-fat dairy products, pulses, eggs and lean meats. Indian staples such as rice and chapatti are fine to consume when you have diabetes, but in moderate amount.

Due to high carbohydrate, both rice and chapatti can increase the level of blood sugar when you consume it in excessive amount. So you must consume brown rice over white rice because the next one is more processed and polished. Even you can eat chapatis prepared from barley, corn or chickpeas as these are healthier over wheat.   

  1. You are too young to have diabetes

Most people believe that diabetes can only happen at old ages. But it is completely untrue! Any people at any age can develop type-1 & 2-diabetes. Furthermore, there is high chance of type 2 diabetes in young adults, teens and kids. Plus, type 1 diabetes is more prevalent in your population.  

  1. Insulin completely cures diabetes

Diabetes is chronic condition without any cure. However, there are multiple ways to prevent the complexities so that it doesn’t increase. Insulin is the hormone which assists in metabolising additional glucose from the blood and to use it for energy. By this way you can regulate the blood sugar level.

With so many rumours and myths about diabetes it is quite obvious for you to get confused to choose the right treatment. Above all, when you are suspecting diabetes, doctor consultation is must. Only an experienced healthcare provider can provide effective treatment plans and recommend lifestyle changes.