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Diabetes: Serious Matter of Concern for Population of India

27 Dec 2022

According to statistics, 1 out of 11 people in India are now being diagnosed with diabetes, while 1 out of 5 are estimated to already have diabetes. India is in the second position after China in diabetes globally with 77 million people suffering from diabetes. Among these, 12.1 million are below 65 years and this number will increase to a staggering number of 27.5 million by the year 2045.

The worst part is that nearly 57% of adults having diabetes in India are still undiagnosed. This denotes almost 43.9 million Indians do not know about the seriousness which is a major concern of blindness, kidney failure, lower limb amputation, heart attacks and stroke.

It is important on your part to delve deeper into the nuances of every condition and find out effective solutions to overcome them. By now, diabetes is believed to a silent killer which makes either life-long battle or life-threatening for many people. Experts recommend following Diabetes Remission (DR) programs which has helped many people to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and find their overall condition in remission before starting their journey with taking necessary medications for better health. 

On Clinic Mantra, we have great pleasure to share valuable insights on diabetes and paradigm shift in the approach needed by doctors to treat patients who are living with diabetes.

Diabetes in India has become double in these last 20 years and this has overwhelmed the present health care infrastructure that has not grown proportionately. The data shows 1 in 5 adults are estimated to suffer from diabetes and you need to rethink about sustainable diabetes care delivery.  With breakthrough finding of diabetes remission, there has been a shift towards the idea of diabetes care, from glucocentric drug therapy approach, to a large scale prevention strategy. This has targeted the root cause of diabetes.

Young Indians within 25 to 34 years have been accounted for 50% of all consultations. And this has recorded a 46% YoY increase. Doctors suggest lack of exercise, improper dietary habits or poor lifestyle choices are some factors which may contribute to the rise in diabetes among youngsters in India. In general, 50% of consultations were from people in the age group of 25 – 34 years which had been followed by 33% between 35 to 44 years and 8% between 45 to 54 years.

India has a big challenge to face without doubt. According to medical experts, the right management and on time detection may go a long way in helping patients to lead a normal life. Though diabetes is a chronic medical condition, it is possible to curb it at the initial stage by bringing change in daily lifestyle. It can be controlled by taking medications during early stage and external insulin in advanced stages. But it cannot be treated completely and lasts for a lifetime.