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Cough refers to reflex reaction that will keep the airways clean. Cough can happen due to other conditions such as respiratory infection and asthma. Even you can have cough for swallowing problem. Only your doctor can provide help in such instances.

What’s cough?

It is natural reflex for removing the irritants from the throat (upper) and lungs (lower) airways. It helps in healing and protecting the body on its own.  

Kinds of cough

Different kinds of cough are there. They are classified depending on their persistence, sound and feel. Some refer to actual conditions too.  

Depending on the persistence

  • If coughing is acute then it will last only for 2-3 weeks
  • Subacute cough begins right after the infection prolonging for 3-8 weeks
  • Chronic cough will last for about 8 weeks and sometimes they are called persistent cough
  • Refractory cough is also chronic and usually doesn’t response to treatment

Depending on phlegm or mucus

Depending on unique sounds and specific conditions

Depending on the time of coughing

Who are prone to experience cough?

Cough is typical in nature. However, certain people are more prone to experience cough. They are:

Common causes of cough

Some of the causes of cough are:

Allergens and irritants

Medical conditions which lead to subacute and acute cough

Medical conditions which lead to chronic cough

How can you prevent cough?

There are multiple ways for prevention of cough. The simple of them is to avoid the irritants. To prevent the infection-causing cough, you should:

What are at-home treatments for cough?

Viral cough is not going to treat by antibiotics. But it is possible to soothe the cough in the given ways:

When to visit a doctor?

Sometimes when you or your kids have chronic cough it is necessary to visit a doctor. Doctor visit is must if you experience the following symptoms:

How to know if cough is serious?

Sometimes, your doctor will inquire about the medical history of the patient. Then they will order a few tests and physical exam. During the physical, the doctor will check for important signs like breathing number and temperature. Sometimes, they may monitor oxygen levels, order ling function test and chest X-ray in case the cough persists for long.

Does pregnancy cause cough?

Pregnancy won’t lead to coughing but a change in immune system can! Therefore, it is obvious to catch cold or cough during pregnancy which will last longer. If it persists longer than usual then you need to visit the doctor.

What cough after eating represents?

If eating causes you cough then there is something wrong! May be the food goes to lungs rather than the stomach. Upper airway is there to stop the drink and food from entering the lungs. Sometimes food goes through windpipe which results in coughing. But there is nothing serious at all. This condition is regarded as aspiration. In case it happens with you frequently then you must contact with the doctor. There can be some issues with lungs and digestive problem.

Cough complications

Generally, cough is not serious at all and will not cure if it takes place because of following complications:

You must see the doctor immediately if you feel:

What is important to know about COVID-19 and cough?

Cough is a significant COVID-19 symptom. Sometimes, it can affect you as post-COVID syndrome too. Being infected by Coronavirus, cough will be there for a few months or weeks. This will accompany by other symptoms as well like trouble breathing, trouble concentrating and fatigue. If you are suspecting an infection then, contact with the doctor regarding COVID-19 test.

Check the doctors whom you can visit for check up: