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What is Ophthalmology?

Ophthalmology is a surgical and medical subspecialty that manages treatments and diagnosis of eye conditions and disorders.

Who is an Ophthalmologist or eye specialist?

Ophthalmologists or eye specialists are the doctors specialized in conditions and diseases related to eyes. They carry out surgical and medical eye care. Also they provide prescriptions for corrective lenses. Even they manage the late stage eye disease that involves surgery.

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Common tests in Ophthalmology

  • Eye Muscle Test- It involves following any specific object that your doctor holds in front of you for investigating the strength and accuracy of eye muscles.
  • Visual Acuity Test- In this test, patients need to read the alphabet from the chart kept at medium distance. But the fonts and patterns of the alphabets are different from one another.
  • Refraction Assessment- Retinoscopy checks proper retinal functioning by focusing the light rays from the object so you can view it correctly.
  • Visual Field Test- It comprises the entire view of the person without moving the eyeballs to the side. It can be done both manually and automatically.
  • Colour Vision Testing- It involves placing of coloured and patterned letters in front of patients asking them to identify it.
  • Slit Lamp Examination- Slit lamp includes a microscope that helps in enlarging the eye part with the help of bright and shining light. Doctors can also use Fluorescence dye for promoting tear secretions. It detects damaged tissues in the eyes.  
  • Retinal Examination- Using this test, the doctor checks blood vessels, optic disc and retina that results in eye organelles.
  • Glaucoma Screening- It measures the pressure in the eyes that indicates glaucoma.

What is the most common eye problem in India?

The most common eye disease in India is conjunctivitis.

How to maintain your eye health?

What foods are good for your eye health?

Visit and consult an Ophthalmologist or an eye specialist if you are suffering from any eye problems!