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Skin Rash

Skin rash is bumpy, inflamed and red and sometimes painful, itchy and dry too. Although the main culprit is dermatitis it takes place after skin reaction to irritants or allergens. There are also other conditions which can lead to skin rashes. However, with proper treatments you can relive the symptoms and fix the skin rash.

What’s skin rash?

Skin rash takes place after skin appears bumpy, inflamed and red. Certain rashes are itchy and dry while some are painful. It can happen because of skin conditions such as eczema, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

How common skin rash is?

Everyone can get skin rash at anytime in the course of the life. It is typical to feel bumpy, redness and itchy skin for some time.

Who can get skin rash?

Skin rash is common and can affect people of different ages (aged persons to kids). Infants can suffer from cradle cap and diaper rash. Kids are susceptible to rash-inducing viruses and atopic dermatitis. Adults and aged individuals can get contact dermatitis due to increased sensitivity of skin to irritants and allergens with time. 

What are kinds of skin rash?

For familiarising and identifying the kinds of skin rash here we list some common kinds of skin rashes:

Bacterial skin rash

Alike viruses, bacterial infection leads to skin rash which not only affect the general health. Remember, skin itself has a number of bacteria which are not harmful. However the rashes can result in severe illness which you must check out.

A very common skin rash form that begins with reddish small spots which quickly turns into itchy blisters! It can burst fast leaving brown/yellow and crusty (honey crusting) patches. Rashes will affect the areas surrounding mouth or nose. Try to keep blisters and sores dry and clean. Go to doctor immediately if your kid faces impetigo because antibiotic treatment can help.  

This usually starts with red strawberry bumps on tongue and sore throat. Then you will experience rashes all over the body with pink/red spots. Even it will make the skin feels like sandpaper. Vomiting, nausea and stomach ache are some other symptoms. Although antibiotics can provide help yet it is highly contagious. 

This skin infection only affects upper skin layer. Often you can see rash on legs and close to damaged skin. At the beginning, it exhibits vomiting and nausea along tender lymph nodes accompanied by high temperature. But antibiotic is really effective in treating this.

This bacterial infection appears hot, red and painful on skin. It affects only a particular body part letting you make sick with chills and high temperatures. You must see the doctor urgently before it becomes serious.

Hair follicle inflammation occurs because of infection, injury and irritation. Certain medical complexities such as hot tubs and frequent shaving can result in folliculitis. The rash will appear like more small sore boils surrounding hair follicles. Antibiotics or antiseptic cleaners can assist in resolving the condition.

Fungal skin rash

Fungi results in skin infection especially in genital areas; mouth and nails. You may experience rashes and redness on skin with flaky, itching and stinging sensation. Yeast fungi that present in our body can grow uncontrollable leading to the infection. It can take place by external fungi as well. 

You can come to know about it if there is white scales or patches with itching sensation within the toes. Even there will be cracked skin and blisters in the feet. It will fade away by keep the feet dry and clean. Therefore, you must avoid using shoes in public places and tight footwear. You can try out prescription tablets, creams and OTC medicines to alleviate the condition. 

It will mainly affect the toenails. Soon, nail will become spongy, thick and discoloured. Many times nail gets uprooted and scaling develops underneath. Nail lacquer can effectively treat mild infections but doctor’s assistance is essential if it persists for long as you need antifungal medications. 

It will cause flaky and itchy rash as skin traps moisture or rubs together. It is quite common under breasts, within the buttocks and armpits. Remember, this fungus will multiply in moist and warm areas. You can prevent them by keeping the skin dry and clean. Buy antifungal creams from any local pharmacy for treating it successfully.  

Ring-shaped rash having flaky edges are what the rashes of ringworm look like. Kids get easily affected due to pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and dogs. It is contagious and can transfer from a person to another through contact sport. Although, antifungal medicine is reliable yet you can seek benefits by keeping the skin dry and clean and putting on loose clothes. 

When you notice scaly patches of skin, it is because of this fungal infection. The patches will be paler, pink or brown than the normal skin. Sometimes, they are itchy too. It is observable on back, chest and other areas where you have sebaceous glands.

Oily skin, rich moisturisers, heat, sweat and humidity can make you vulnerable for infection. Antifungal medications in any form- tablet, gel or shampoo can treat the condition.

Viral rash

These will not make you feel sick as they are quite normal. But rash can be one of few symptoms for viral infection. These are variable in terms of shapes and sizes and cause itching. Although kids are highly susceptible to get rash when they get viral infection yet you must ensure that it is not as serious as meningitis.

Glass test, in such prospect is really beneficial. If it is non-blanching then you must take your child to the doctor. Viral infection spreads in a number of ways along close physical contact to any affected person.

Herpes may develop blisters and sores carrying herpes simplex virus. A type of HSV can develop cold sores and other genital herpes. Remember, even after clearing away the virus can dormant into the nerves and get triggered from time to time by infections such as injury, stress, hormonal changes and cold.  

This is round and small lumps on skin which will give itchy and sore feeling. It can form because of HPV (human papilloma virus). With lots of variations of HPV it only affects the skin. These cause soft centre and hard edge with small black spots. These are blood vessels and will alleviate by its own with the course of time.

Shingles results from herpes zoster virus. People who had chickenpox earlier can get this. It happens because of virus reactivation that stays dormant post initial infection of chickenpox. Shingles gives tingling and painful feeling followed by blisters and rash appear as side of the body. You will feel fatigue, dizziness, headache and high temperature. The blisters can fade away within 2-4 weeks but the pain will persist for long.

Amidst a wide range of symptoms of COVID-19, another symptom of Coronavirus that recognised much lately is purple and skin-coloured rash that appears on feet and hands (COVID toes). However, it will disappear within a day or two. 

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis makes the skin cracked, dry, blistered and itchy. Any allergen or irritant can trigger this reaction within some days or few hours. You must avoid that. Apart from this, you can use steroid cream or moisturiser as well.

Insect bites

Tiny creatures and insects lead to temporary skin rash by burning, biting and piercing the skin. Itching, swelling and redness are regular skin reactions. When you are allergic to any sting or insect bite you may suffer from strong reaction deeming for immediate medical attention.

Wasps, mosquitoes and other insects

Bite of insects can cause itching, swelling, redness and pain. Usually, it will alleviate in a day or two. Otherwise, take OTC medicine for fading away the symptoms.


Ticks are common in woodlands and high grass. Tick bite is usually harmless but some are carrier of Borrelia bacteria leading to Lyme disease. Red rash on skin is the prime indication of it. Some may experience flu-like symptoms too. Proper doses of antibiotics can treat it easily.

Lice and fleas

Bed bugs, pubic lice and head lice can cause skin irritation and itching. You can use OTC medication along hygiene measures for treating the symptoms.

Mites and scabies

Mites are common in pets’ fur that results in itchy rash. Scabies can happen because of tiny parasite under skin. The itching from scabies can worse at night resulting in eczema-like rashes, blisters and lumps. Take OTC medicines to treat the conditions. 


Eczema is really common which makes the skin flaky, itchy and red. Because of chronic disease it is followed by period of flare. It is common in young people and kids.

Cancer skin rash

Cancer can result in itching. It is because of jaundice, infections, dry skin and cancer medications. Although very distressing yet multiple options are there for its treatment. You may experience this in winter more. So, moisturise the skin often in this season and avoid using soap. Also, bathing with lukewarm water is helpful.

Dry skin rash

You will experience this in winter that results in inflamed, dry and cracked skin. Frequent scratching will lead to rashes such as eczema and dermatitis in which the skin becomes red along with scaly and dry. Therefore it is important to moisturise the skin often throughout this season. Even use lukewarm water and don’t use soap while bathing can provide help.

What is the most common form of skin rash?

The most usual form of skin rash takes place because of atopic dermatitis a type of eczema! This rash is quite usual in patients with allergies or asthma. It appears reddish but sometimes darker and skin-tone on people with dark complexion. This one is itchy along scaly texture.

How a cancerous rash looks like?

Cancerous moles, marks and rashes will vary completely in terms of appearance. If there is scaly and red patch on skin that cracks, itches and bleeds without any sign of healing then there is a chance of cancer. You should contact the doctor for early intervention of your skin rash.

What are the causes of skin rash?

You can suffer from skin rashes because of multiple substances like:

What are symptoms of skin rash?

Symptoms of skin rash are variable in terms of cause and type. It may develop at a single spot of the body or can affect all over the body. Some common and noticeable symptoms of skin rash are:

How to diagnose skin rash?

As there are multiple substances to lead to skin rash, it is a little tricky to diagnose! On contacting the doctor, you will be advised to perform rash examination and assess the symptoms along medical history. You need to undergo the following tests:

What are the treatment options for skin rash?

Skin rashes treatments rely on its cause. Moreover, it can consume multiple weeks for the rashes to fade away. Contact the allergists or dermatologists for better help.

What are natural ways to treat skin rash?

Traditional and natural telltale methods are helpful to some extent for treating skin rash. These are some home remedies you can try out for soothing skin rash:

What are the fastest ways to get rid of a rash?

It is baseless to expect overnight remedy. Instead, you can try out some remedies to get rid of them quickly. They are:

What are complex of skin rash?

Skin rash appears unpleasant and troublesome. But it always responds perfectly to treatment. Rarely, it leads to serious complexities. Well, some potential issues are:

When you should visit the doctor?

You must get in touch with the doctor or go for emergency care when skin rash:

What are the questions to ask the doctor?

If you make an appointment with your doctor for skin rashes, then you can ask the following questions:

See the list of doctors, allergists and dermatologists from below to fix an appointment: