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Slow heart rate

Slow heart rate is the condition in which heart beats slower than expected usually under 60/minute. In numerous people, it is not an issue especially if they are in perfect shape. However, when symptoms are observable doctors can treat it giving positive outcome.

What’s slow heart rate?

Slow heart rate refers to the condition in which heart beats less than 60 every minute. Although it is not a serious issue but if the heart cannot pump enough blood to fulfil the demand of the body then it proves to be dangerous. Moreover, it can happen without keeping any potential side effects to the body mainly in people who are physically active.

Who are prone to slow heart rate?

Although it can take place in the people of any background and age yet it is quite common amongst aged persons about 65 years of age. In general, it is not so common in kids and young adults only with the exception if it is genetic and otherwise.

However, it is quite common in the persons with specific medical condition. Many can inherit from the parents as well. You can experience it due to eating disorders, nutrition problems and injuries in chest. 

How much common is this problem?

Slow heart rate is quite common in the persons about 65 years of age and those who are physically active.

Is slow heart rate an arrhythmia?

Slow heart rate is obviously an arrhythmia as it is quite lower than normal rate. It refers to benign arrhythmia indicating lower heart rate than usual. However doctor treats it like a symptom over a separate condition.

How it will affect the body?

Generally, it doesn’t create any issue! However, if the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the requirements of oxygen then your heart and brain will be badly affected.

What are symptoms of slow heart rate?

In most people, slow heart rate doesn’t exhibit any symptoms. It is quite common in the physically active people as their hearts are quite effective. But those hearts are not able to compensate, they will experience the following symptoms:

What are the causes of slow heart rate?

You can experience slow heart rate due to a number of factors. Some of them are:

What are risk factors of slow heart rate?

Some potential risk factors of slow heart rate are:

Is slow heart rate contagious?

It is not contagious at all.

How doctor diagnoses slow heart rate?

Usually, doctor combines several tests and physical exams for analysing heart rhythm and heart rate.

What are the necessary tests for the condition?

The helpful tests for diagnosing the condition are:

When you should visit a doctor?

When you experience slow heart rate with the following symptoms then you must visit a doctor without any delay:

Here is the list of doctors you can choose from to visit and get a check up.