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It is so common and you can’t do anything to stop it when you are likely to sneeze after getting seasonal allergies and cold. Even, there is no control on the intensity of your sneezing. For some people it is like earth-shattering sound.

The experts believe that sneezing loudness of a person relies on the size and capacity of the lung along for how long they can hold their breath. The only thing you can do when sneezing is to follow some home remedies and take medication to alleviate the conditions and symptoms simultaneously.

What’s sneezing?

Sneeze refers to sudden air burst you expel from lungs through mouth and nose. It happens because of trigeminal nerve inflammation in nose. The nerve links to ‘sneeze centre’ of brain and send signal for sneezing. Generally, it takes place when pollen and dust irritates the mucous membrane of throat and nose.

Hence, the body tries hard to remove the substance through sneezing. It starts when the immune system secretes chemicals like leukotrienes or histamine because of presence of allergens and fight against foreign invaders such as flu or common cold viruses. All of these chemicals bind for forming receptors on trigeminal nerve causing allergic reaction and leading in sneezing.

What are the causes of sneezing?

Sneezing is the primary symptom for allergy or cold. It promotes spreading of viruses such as flu or cold with the help of aerosol droplets having the viruses for causing the infection. Later if any healthy person inhales it they are more likely to develop flu or common cold.

Sneezing can happen if the mucous membrane of the throat and nose gets irritated. Certain aspects can make it happen. Some of them are:

Single sneeze produces about 40,000 of droplets which are infectious too.

What are the triggers of sneezing?

The potential triggers of sneezing are:

Is it necessary to sneeze with closed eyes?

It is the most common superstition associated to sneezing. Most people believe that if anyone sneezes by keeping the eyeballs open then it will come out of head. However, it’s just a myth and you must bust it off! Naturally, people close their eyes as reflexive action during sneezing.

Even if you keep the eyes open the eyeballs will remain in the desired position. The eyes have muscles to affirm them in the position. It is true that at the time of sneezing the blood pressure behind the eyes can increase but it cannot dislodge the eyeballs from head.

But it is also true that you must cover the mouth and nose at the time of sneezing to stop it from spreading. Otherwise, don’t care about the eyes.

Treat your sneezing because of allergies

If sneezing happens because of allergies then you should follow the given ways:

Treat your sneezing because of flu and common cold

If sneezing is happening because of flu and common cold then you can treat the symptoms in the following ways:

How to stop spreading of sneezing symptoms to others?

Remember, proper hygiene can eradicate the probability of catching cold and spreading it to others. You should:

What are the home remedies for sneezing?

There is obviously something which you can do to treat sneezing at home. Here are some options:

When do you need to see the doctor?

If your sneezing doesn’t go away despite doing everything then it is better to consult with a doctor or general physician.

Here is the list of doctor and general physician whom you can visit for seeking treatment of sneezing: