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Sore throat (Pharyngitis)

Sore throat gives burning or scratchy feeling in back of throat. You will feel hurt during talking or swallowing. Mostly, sore throat takes place due to viral infection such as flu or common cold. However, the symptoms of sore throat will subside down naturally in a couple of days.

What’s sore throat?

Sore throat refers to the feeling of scratchy and painful in back of throat. At that time you will pain to talk and swallow. Certain things can result in sore throat such as viral and bacterial infections, allergies and sleeping while keeping the mouth open.

Although it goes down in a couple of weeks but you must consult with the doctor if it lasts longer for about a week. Also doctor consultation will help you if you have associated symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes or fever.

How sore throat make you feel?

Sore throat will give you raspy feeling in the throat just like dryness. You can also feel that the throat is on fire. When it gets worse it makes you feel sharp pain in throat while talking or swallowing. You can also feel pain in ears and down side of neck as well.

Is sore throat serious?

There is a chance to be so! If sore throat lasts for about 2 weeks then it can be because of throat cancer. Sore throat is the key symptom of COVID-19. Mostly, ig is an indication of less serious problem.

What are the symptoms of sore throat?

Besides, throat pain other symptoms of sore throat are:

What are the causes of sore throat?

Sore throats mostly take place when you have any viral infection such as flu or common cold. Sore throat can result from any of the following:

What are risk factors of sore throat?

There are several risk aspects of sore throat. Some of them are:

How do doctors diagnose sore throat?

Doctors will diagnose sore throat after assessing the tongue, throat and ears. Also you need to perform strep test for eradicating the idea of strep throat.

What to do for sore throat?

You can seek some sort of relief from sore throat by sucking on hard candies or throat lozenges. Other tips are:

How to prevent sore throat?

Sore throats can take place because of flu and cold. By avoiding yourself from flu and cold you can prevent sore throat. Certain ways of doing that are:

What are associated problems to sore throat?

Although sore throat is not serious at all yet certain sore throats can last longer. At that time, it will associate with

How to take care of yourself?

Most of the time sore throat happens because of bacterial or viral infection. Take proper care of the infection to get relief from sore throat. You can do so:

When to see the doctor?

Usually, sore throat fades away on its own. But if it happens because of viral infection then you need to visit the doctor for seeking the treatment.

Doctor visit is must if you experience any of the following symptoms: